Ceremony for Ani


Ceremony of respect and celebration for the life of
Ani Lodro Maverika
(Nora Romo)

St. Marks Unitarian Church
7 Castle Terrace, Edinburgh, EH1 2DP
6.30pm, Thursday 5th March 2015

This will consist of a ceremony of celebration and farewell followed by a “munch” and a Be-In in St Marks hall.

Ani specifically asked for no flowers but we would like to invite you to bring a leaf, real, paper or any other material you like perhaps with a word or phrase on it to lay on Ani’s coffin during the ceremony to send her in our love and thoughts in her continuation.

Also poems, songs, stories, photos etc to share in the Be-In and help honour and celebrate our connections to Ani and how she has touched our lives.

If possible RSVP: It would be helpful to have an indication of numbers for catering but all are most welcome

Ani’s cremation takes place on Friday.  There will be no separate service at this time.

Please see this page for details of location, public transport and parking.

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