Silent Meditation

Silent meditation is one of the forms of meditation we use.

Silent periods of meditation generally last for about fifteen to twenty minutes. These usually commence with three sounds of the bell. If we are waiting for the session to begin, we can make sure our posture is comfortable and begin the process of focussing awareness on our breathing. At all stages we are aware of our body which should be relaxed and alert.

Refer to the information given in the meditation section with regard to the breath, i.e. be aware of the breath as it goes in, as it goes out… don’t try and control it. This is our anchor, what we come back to when we become distracted.

When we begin to learn sitting meditation it can be helpful to silently recite the word In as we breathe in and Out as we exhale. Alternatively we can count a cycle of in breaths and out breaths – say from 1 to 10 before starting again.

Do tell the facilitator if you are a beginner and he or she will try and explain a little more in the session to help you.