Dharma Training Programme Retreat : EARTHING OUR PRACTICE : 20-23 October 2022

Join us at Kilgraston School for the Scottish Dharma Training Programme retreat for 2022 with Dharma teachers Martin Pitt and Susanne Olbrich.

This retreat will concentrate on deepening our fundamental practice of mindfulness (Sati). We will look deeply at what it means to practise meditation, drawing on the teachings and insights of the Discourse on the Four Establishments of Mindfulness (Satipatthana Sutta) and the Discourse on the Full Awareness of Breathing (Anapanasati Sutta). We will be guided to strengthen our approach to meditation and deepen our mindfulness across many forms of practice, such as sitting, breathing, slow walking meditation as well as chanting and touching the earth. We will also explore what it means to fully integrate mindfulness into our everyday activities such as eating, working and interacting. We will look specifically at how to apply these practices to strengthen our connection with nature and Mother Earth in the context of our current ecological and climate crisis.

Dharma Teachers

Martin first visited Plum Village in 1987 inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh’s teachings on engaged Buddhism. He joined the Order of Interbeing in 1990 and became a Dharma Teacher in the tradition in 1994. Over many years he helped establish the UK Community of Interbeing and has led many meditation retreats and workshops. He lives in Devon with his wife and son and works as a researcher in the Medical School at Exeter University.

Susanne discovered Plum Village and Thay’s teachings in 1996; in 2007 she became a member of the Order of Interbeing with the Dharma name True Ever-present Stability. Susanne lives in the Findhorn community in the North of Scotland where she co-founded the Northern Lights Sangha. As a pianist and music teacher she enjoys encouraging deep listening and creative expression in people of all ages. Her special interest is in offering mindfulness retreats with the themes of creativity and music.

Location: Kilgraston School, Bridge of Earn, Perthshire, PH2 9BQ

If you have any questions, please email Lindsay linds.lumsden@gmail.com or Paloma palomablasco@protonmail.com

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