We are at Santosa for August 2016

santosa logo 7

As St. Marks is used as a festival venue in August, we will be holding the Thursday evening sessions during August at Santosa, 21 Albert Street, Leith, EH7 5LH.  The sessions will be held at the same time 7.15 for 7:30 start. Mindfulness at lunchtime will continue as usual at St. Marks.

Albert Street is about half way down Leith Walk on the right, opposite the new Sainsbury’s Local.  It’s the street between ‘The Advice Centre for Mortgages’ and the ‘Golden Ambal’ Indian Restaurant. 

Leith Walk is well served by buses including 22, 25, 10 and 16 (among others).

Santosa has a shop selling singing bells and other Nepalese goods and a cafe. The large yoga hall which we will be using as a meditation hall can be found down the stairs at the back opposite the cafe.

Santosa has just been built and is very fresh and new.  We would really like as many of you as possible to come so that we can get a collective feel for it. 

Once we’ve been there for three weeks we will be seeking feedback as to whether or not people would like to continue to use this venue after the festival. So the more people who come, the better informed decision we will be able to make.

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