Insight Timer Group

InsightTimerInsight Timer is a mobile phone app for both Android and iOS (iPhone & iPad). It started out as a simple timer that would invite bell(s) at the beginning and end of a meditation session but has grown into a community tool.

Through the app you can join the Insight Connect and see who else is meditating with you around the world and even send them messages. This can be restricted to just thanking people for meditating with you (which I like doing) or can be extended to full text messages.

Within Insight Connect there are virtual communities. There is one called “Thich Nhat Hanh” that has over 8,000 members where people have been sharing messages wishing Thay well.

There is also a feature to find groups nearby in the real physical world. There is now one of these groups in Edinburgh. The “Edinburgh Wild Geese Sangha” – that is us!

If you use Insight Timer please join our group so we can share messages on-line and sit together even when we aren’t physically in the same room. This will also help people find us at St Marks on a Thursday.

If you don’t have Insight Timer on your smart phone you can download a free version or the paid for version is quite cheap.

If you don’t have a smart phone or don’t like your smart phone then just breath – you already have all the conditions to be happy.

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