Wonderful Wiston 2014

Orla wrote a poem that she didn’t quite get around to reading on the retreat but wanted to share.

Wonderful Wiston

A warm welcome
Beds lovingly made
Gathas mindfully placed
Smiling faces

Still morning sun
Heart-stopping bells
Mouthfuls cherished
Cosmic drum sounds

Sitting like a sunflower
Walking as a river
A powerful energy
Breathing as one

Blue tits playing
Woodpecker snores
Majestic trees
A solstice rainbow fire

Hearts opening
Caring glances
Friendships made & renewed
Dana lovingly given

Compassion & wisdom
“Aha!” moments
A middle way?
Heartfelt gratitude

Surrendering to the flow
Letting go
Going deeper
Faith in the path

Home now
Lively children
Mindful bedtime
A practice renewed

Orla Beaton
June 2014

And also that charity in Mozambique you were wondering about is IMAGINE Mozambique.

One thought on “Wonderful Wiston 2014

  1. Thanks Orla. Your poem summed up a lot of my experience – which was very rich and supportive. I came back renewed and invigorated in my practice.Thanks to everyone who generously gave their time and energy to putting on the retreat. Thank you.

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