Wiston 2014: Dharmic Abba

For those who appreciate classic (rather than classical) music Pete has kindly provided the improved words to the Abba classic “Knowing Me Knowing You”.

Letting Be; Letting Go
(to the tune of “knowing me; knowing you” by Abba)

Letting be;  letting go
That’s the way to let life flow…
Letting be; letting go.
Why on earth do we strive and run?
Oh why, oh why, oh why, oh why?
Can’t you see that that just ruins the fun
Just be here right now.
Letting be; letting go then your love light will glow.

And here is Pete’s mindful version of “Simple Gifts” (An old shaker classic, often used at Thanksgiving time in America, and featured in Appalachian Spring and even during President Obama’s inauguration.  The tune was used (without attribution so far as we know) for Lord of the Dance, but let’s not dwell on that).

‘Tis a gift to live simply
’tis a gift to be free
’tis a gift to just allow ourselves to “be”
And, as the Here and Now comes to feel just right
We’re Home in the valley of love and delight

When true simplicity is gained
To be what we are we will not be ashamed
To grow, grow will be our delight
And while flowing, growing we’ll glow with light.

Here is a version with the original words if you can’t remember the tune.



One thought on “Wiston 2014: Dharmic Abba

  1. How wonderful. I was playing Appalaichan Spring on Monday night. Such a beautiful melody and the words, original and new, so touching and true. X

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