Open Gathering 2-4pm Saturday 17th November 2012

All members of the Sangha are invited to a revival of the annual Open Gathering of the Wild Geese at 2-4pm on Saturday 17th November at St Marks Unitarian Church.

The Wild Geese Sangha is run on a volunteer basis and the Gathering is an opportunity for everyone committed to practising with the Wild Geese to come together, look back at how the last year has gone and how the Sangha would like to move forward for another year.

The focus this year is intended to be mainly on practical matters e.g.  Should we start earlier on Thursday evenings given the parking problems?   Sangha support for future monastic retreats etc

If there is anything you would like the Gathering to consider drop Debbie an email and let her know.  It can be anonymous if you wish and all input is most welcome even if you are unable to attend

Please send replies by Wednesday, 14th November if possible.  We intend to circulate the agenda in advance to allow us time for reflection and hence constructive and positive dialogue.  Matters raised on the day will be considered if time allows.

It would also be helpful to know if you are likely to attend so that I have an idea of numbers.

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