Dharma Training Retreats 2013

The fifth Dharma Training Programme run by the UK Community of Interbeing started in October 2011 and this note provides details of the retreats being provided in 2013. It is intended for anyone with some experience of the practice, as taught by Thich Nhat Hanh, who wishes to develop their understanding further and to share it with others.

The programme will allow us to deepen our understanding of the Buddha’s teachings, and the practice of mindfulness in the context of a series of retreats with a committed sangha.

Because we practice for each other, and ourselves, the solid base we build together will give us the stability, joy and confidence to go out and share the fruits of this understanding with the wider community. Participants are expected to be members of the UK Community of Interbeing or to join at the time of registration (see booking form).

More details in the booking form: DTP Booking Form 2013 30thOct

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