Facilitators Retreat to be held in September 2013

Despite not quite reaching spring as yet, we’re looking ahead to autumn time and a Facilitators Retreat to be held 68 September 2013 at Kinnoull Monastery, near Perth.

Murray Corke will be coming north to guide and support the weekend offering us the opportunity to deepen our practice for our local sanghas; gaining greater confidence and ease in the role of facilitators.

The retreat is aimed not just at those who currently facilitate, but also to those with an interest in developing their skills and confidence in facilitation in the Sangha context.

Full price £125, limited bursaries £95

If you are interested, please note the date in your diary.

Booking info will be posted on the website in due course.

Monastic Spring Residential Retreat Thursday, 4th to Sunday, 7th April 2013 At Wiston Lodge near Biggar

heart_of_impermanenceThe Heart of Impermanence

All created things are transitory;
those who realise this are free from suffering. This is the path that leads to pure wisdom’. Buddha.


The Wild Geese warmly invite you to join us on our Spring retreat from Thursday, 4th to Sunday, 7th April 2013, guided by monastics of Plum Village. Continue reading