The Heart of Inclusiveness

The Scottish Sangha Spring Mini-Retreat Online Sat 20th March (afternoon) & Sun 21st March (morning) 2021

The capacity of the bodhisattva’s heart is very big, the capacity to embrace and to include. We have to practice the capacity to include, to embrace. If we practice, if we train, the capacity of our hearts will grow and we will suffer much less.”

Thich Nhat Hanh
Clare Belbin Carlile

This online “mini-retreat” is an opportunity for the Scottish Sangha to come together during this time of pandemic. We would be delighted if you could join us!

Thay uses the word Inclusiveness to convey patience, tolerance, and forbearance. It is the practice of keeping our hearts open, especially during difficult times, embracing our pain and joy as one. It provides balance and stability.

Our retreat will include our much-loved practices of sitting meditation, walking meditation & dharma sharing. Murray Corke, who was up with us from Cambridge last February, will offer us a dharma talk on our theme of inclusiveness and Susanne Olbrich will offer us a deep relaxation.

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