Happy New Year 2021

We’ve not updated the website much in the last year. So much of what we normally put here is based on the events we have held or hope to hold and all that has been on hold. To start 2021 on a different foot here is a lovely poem from one of the Sangha.

Christmas Poem for all in my heart

As 2020 leaked away through the sieve holes of day to day life,
I reflected on recent retirement and
wondered if torpor like this was usual….
As the days dripped by, then shone by, all the while eating cake,
my life passed before me…. several times

Friends, family, ancestors, colleagues, neighbours, all, would pop into my head
and I would revisit events and fond memories, smiling wistfully … sometimes a tear.
How are they doing in all of this?
Wouldn’t a chat or a letter be such a great idea ….
If only they were near (or alive) we could walk and talk…
I miss them all.
Aaah the busy thoughts of the idle mind, from where do they come and where do they go?

… After the bustle of the brief summer respite where we all came up gasping for air,
The leaves turned red and gold, and the geese departed,
and, like the bear my energy and initiative hibernates.
I miss them still.

By this time though it was clear, I was not alone…
There is little consolation that all humanity is catatonic together,
except perhaps as proof positive that we are all indeed one
and our illusions of separateness are finally in shreds at our rooted feet,
revealing the ache for our team mates in the team we didn’t even know we were in…

So… here we are, rushing expectantly towards Christmas trying to rekindle that optimism
and sparkle of childhood and sensing that, if we all sparkle together stoically,
we may just light up the world and feel some joy…
and then ,
well then,
we can go on to pour hope into 2021 … like there was no tomorrow..

Only kidding… of course there’ll be a tomorrow…
The catatonia will pass ….
But, we need to link arms, claim the path and stride into the sunshine.
It’s only possible together, all together …
Let’s link hearts ….

Ann Samuel Till, December 17, 2020

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