News – April 2019


Just a quick update of what’s coming up in the near future – there’s a lot about to happen!

  • Our friends at the Touching the Earth Sangha in Banchory are organising a retreat at The Burn, Edzell, Angus (pictured) in the third weekend in September. For more information download the booking form: Mindfulness Retreat Invitation and Booking Form 2019 copy.
  • Jon, Pete and Sally will be leading the Sunday service at St Marks Unitarian Church on 12th May.
  • Our Friday morning sit is looking to expand as Sitting@Dawn. Watch this space for a further announcements.
  • A group of us are going to start regular mindfulness walks from the labyrinth in George Square. These will be at 8:30am for half an hour and begin after Easter. Details to follow.
  • We will now be finishing by 9pm each Monday at Santosa rather than 9:30pm. Earlier to bed.
  • I (Roger) am running contemplative walking workshops called Two Feet, One Mind at the botanics on three Tuesday evenings in May. This is not an officially Wild Geese event but part of the Royal Botanics Garden Edinburgh education programme. It is based on Thay’s teachings though 🙂
  • Anything missing? Let us know through the contact form.

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