Christmas and New Year Meetings 2018/19


It is that time of year when everything has a natural pause to mark the turning of the year. A chance to breath and look inwards before blossoming into the new year.

Here are the few days when we won’t hold our regular meetings:

  • Mondays at Santosa: 17th & 24th December & 1st January.
  • Tuesdays Mindfulness@Lunchtime: 25th December & 31st December
  • Thursdays at St Marks: 27th December & 3rd January.
  • Fridays early morning: 28th December

By the 7th January we will be back to our normal schedule.

Just because we aren’t having “formal” meetings doesn’t mean we can’t get together. If you’d like to meet with Sangha friends for food in the warm or a walk in the cold over the holiday period then speak up before we break up and arrange something.

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