Morning of Mindfulness, Saturday 3rd December 2016 @ Botanic Cottage


Our last mindfulness morning of the year is an opportunity to share our practice of mindfully sitting, walking, eating and talking together in the beautiful location of the Botanic Cottage, part of the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh.

All are welcome so please come along – but read the instructions below.

The Botanic Cottage originally stood at the entrance to a long lost incarnation of the botanic gardens on Leith Walk – not far from Santosa where we sit on a Monday night. It was built in 1764-5, and designed by the renowned architects John Adam and James Craig. When it was threatened with demolition in the early 2000s it was decided to move it to a new location. The beautifully reconstructed building was opened this year for use by community groups like us. It has a wonderful atmosphere for meditation.

When: Saturday 3rd December 2016 – 9:30am to 1:30pm
Where: Botanic Cottage, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh – see access instructions below.
Booking: Just turn up. (Register on Facebook if you do Facebook)
Cost: The event is free but donations in the spirit of Dana will pay our running costs.
Bring: Small amount of vegetarian food to share at lunch. Some cushions, mats and chairs are supplied but please bring your favourite meditation cushion or stool and blanket if it would make you comfortable.

For more information please use the contact form.

Important: How to get in!!

Although this event takes place in the botanic gardens it starts before they open. To get access to the Botanic Cottage you therefore have to come to the entrance on Inverleith Place opposite number 40. This is so new there isn’t a proper gate yet – but there will be someone there to let you in. See the map and picture below. If you go to one of the other entrances to the garden they will not let you in! When we finish at 1:30 you will be able to exit through the gardens and enjoy the wonderful plants.

This is a very easy spot to access by buses on Inverleith Row (8,23,27) or via Inverleith Park. There is also ample parking along the street on a Saturday.


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