Climate March 28th November 2015

PV_2015-07-09-5Key to our practice of Interbeing is respect and love for mother earth.

Climate change, caused by our actions, is doing great damage to the planet and is threatening the lives and well-being of many species as well as the poor and marginalised of our own species.  We need to learn ways to live in greater harmony.

An important meeting of world leaders is taking place in Paris over the first few weeks of December. Plum Village has suggested that we take action. As part of this a few of us will be attending the Scotland’s Climate March on 28th November. This is a family friendly march from the Meadows in Edinburgh (meet at Middle Meadow Walk) down to the Ross Bandstand in Princes Street Gardens. There will be a church service beforehand and a banner/music making then entertainment in Princes Street gardens. It will be over by 3pm. See the Stop Climate Chaos site for more info or the associated FaceBook event page.

This event is supported by many organisations such as Oxfam, the Scottish Episcopalians, Church of Scotland, Eco-Congregation, Quakers, etc.

We haven’t organised anything formal yet we just hope to go along and add some peaceful solidarity. If you’d like to be sure to meet up in a possibly very large crowd we could arrange something at our next Thursday night or through our FaceBook page.


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