Morning of Mindfulness at the Salisbury Centre on Saturday 1 August 2015

PV_2015-07-05-2There will be a morning of mindfulness at the Salisbury Centre on 1 August from 9:30 to 13:00 facilitated by Pete.

Here are directions to where it is:

Some cushions and mats will be provided but if you have your own you may like to bring them. Tea will be provided but please bring a little vegetarian food to share for lunch.

The theme will be “Mindfulness of Music”.

Music, as a sense impression, is the second of the four nutriments described by Thay. We will apply the five contemplations, normally used for food, to music in order to increase our appreciation of it and our awareness of it’s interbeing nature.  There will be guided mediation, walking meditation, readings, listening to music (including Thay’s new translation of the Heart Sutra) and some sharing.  All welcome.

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