Inspired to be Peace People ~ Thursday 25th June 7:30pm ~ Edinburgh Theosophical Society

Buddha Hill at Upper Hamlet
Buddha Hill at Upper Hamlet

The Annual Summer Inter-Faith Peace Occasion “Inspired to be Peace People”  will take place on 25th June at 7:30pm at Edinburgh Theosophical Society.

I (Roger) will give a 15-20 minute talk on “The Buddha – A Life of – and for – Peace“. The Rev. Brian Cooper will give a talk “Jesus of Nazareth – A Life of – and for – Peace“.  Bashir Malik will read from The Qur’an. Nila Joshi will read from Hindu Scripture. Maureen Hunter from the Edinburgh Baha’i Community will play the harp. Sister Louisa Gupta from Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University will lead a mediation.

People of all faiths and none are welcome to attend and are asked to assemble by 7:20pm. Edinburgh Theosophical Society is at 28 Great Kings Street in the New Town.

This unfortunately clashes with our regular Thursday Sangha night so there is a choice of what to attend. I’ll try and record my talk and post it here for those who can’t make it.

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