Sangha Social – Sunday 21st June 2015 @ Noon

8329836167_f899f0cfb1_kWe are hoping to hold a ‘Sangha Social’ on Sunday 21st June at the Botanics. The idea is to create the opportunity to meet with other Sangha members in an informal setting that is accessible to all, including those with families. Perhaps Thursday night regulars will meet Tuesday lunchtimers for the first time etc!  Also, as the Botanics brought so much joy to Ani it will be a wonderful chance to come together and think of her there. We will meet from 12 on the big grassy area by the Chinese Pavillion and pond.  Here is a link that will help with navigation

Please bring some veggie food to share (or ‘munch’ as Ani would say!).  There is lots of space for the wee kids to run around and hopefully there will be lots of sun for us to enjoy as we chat!

Need more info? Contact Sally by email or on 07815 464 495.

N.B. Cakefest is occurring at the same time at the botanics so you will be able to wander up the hill see the cakes and, after 5pm, help eat them!

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