Mindful Yoga Starts 26th September

The Approach

People new to yoga and/or mindfulness practice and those with prior experience are welcome. Practice includes:

  • basic postures
  • pranayama (yoga breathing)
  • deep relaxation
  • simple meditation techniques

This form of yoga aims to help students to work from the inside out as a process of self-discovery rather than a striving to achieve an end result in terms of postural perfection or outward beauty. We sometimes work in pairs to help one another and to observe, more closely, how our bodies can be supported to move into different shapes that can create openings and release tensions held within. The opening of the mind is viewed as a key factor in this form of Yoga thus there is emphasis on a mindful or meditative approach so that our goal is to be truly present in each moment, developing our awareness of feelings and thoughts as we progress through the movements. This is not a yoga whereby we set out to accomplish difficult postures, although we do work to develop flexibility and improve our yoga skills by gradually moving more deeply into traditional yoga asana. The purpose is more that of an inward journey to realise more fully the connection between mind and body, and the way in which the breath provides the guide or link between these. Students of varying ages and abilities are welcome and there is no discrimination as we learn from one another regardless of how flexible or otherwise our bodies are – a flexible body does not necessarily mean a flexible or expansive mind which often proves a much bigger challenge! Mindful movement through yoga asana gradually improves flexibility and alignment and, with regular practice, overall health and well-being is enhanced, bringing increased freedom, energy and vitality to the body.

For more information download the flier: Mindful Yoga Flier.

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