Annual Gathering Report

The minutes from the Open Sangha Gathering was held on 17th November 2012 have been circulated on the mailing list. Key points are:

  • Website – We have had a make over though most of the content remains the same it should be more efficient to add news and events now. It would be good if we could have more contributors of content. For details contact Roger, Caroline or one of the facilitators.
  • Thursday Evenings – The arrangements of the rooms are still settling down and it is likely we will continue to change the way we set up and take down the evening. We may move to a more ‘self-service’ approach. It would be helpful if Sangha regulars could help out at the door whenever possible. We hope to broaden the people who act as buddies to the facilitator for the evening.
  • Communications – Caroline volunteered to act as a “secretary” to promote communication and we agreed to have two open gatherings a year in addition to the facilitator’s meetings. We also agreed to let people know when these meetings were happening.
  • Financial Statement – We are solvent and have some working capital to continue organising retreats but with the cost of the hall for a Thursday evenings more than doubling this year we are particularly dependent on people continuing to give regularly on those evenings.
  • Retreats – We continue to try and organise retreats through the year and plan to do at least one with monastics in 2013 and possibly up to four!
  • Ani – We talked about supporting Ani but Ani said she was more worried about her friend in Syria and others in need.

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